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Madhuri Dixit has always mesmerized with her dancing prowess and why not as she has surely idolised the very best in the field, the legendary dancer Saroj Khan. Together they have gone on to deliver some of the most memorable and loved dance performances that the Bollywood has ever seen. This time on COLORS’ Dance Deewane, Madhuri was seen remembering her Masterji Saroj Khan after seeing the performance of contestants Pallavi and Siza, dedicated to her. The duo give a sizzling performance to ‘Tabah Ho Gaye’ leaving Madhuri and other judges surprised.

On seeing the performance, Madhuri had tears in her eyes and said that the Pallavi and Siza were so perfect with their moves that they reminded her of Saroj Khan herself. Talking about it, Madhuri Dixit said, “Brilliant performance. Seeing you dance, it felt like I was watching her perform. It was like seeing Saroj ji stand right in front of me. When you danced on ‘Tabah ho gaye’, which was my last song with her, the memories of her teaching me came rushing back. I remember that she would always reward a deserving performance with Rs 101. Today, on behalf of her, I would like to reward you both with Rs 101!”

With emotions running high, Madhuri almost had tears in her eyes. Well, such is the power of dance!

Watch all the action unfold on Dance Deewane this Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm only on COLORS


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