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Pune - International Sports University, Maharashtra, Pune welcomed the momentous decision by UGC to include Bachelor’s and Master’s in Sports Science and Sports Management as recognized degree options for the youth of Bharat. The Maharashtra Government has been instrumental in driving the need to change the nomenclature of sports education to a contemporary and future-oriented pedagogy. It will be the first state to lead the way in creating an organized and structured “Sports-Ed” sector in Bharat by offering these recognized courses.

The International Sports University, Maharashtra itself was conceived as a brainchild of the relentless efforts of the state government under the vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Uddhav Thackeray and the initiative of Hon’ble Sports and Youth Welfare Minister, Shri Sunil Kedar. Shri Sunil Kedar has also worked closely with the authorities including the UGC to give due recognition to different aspects of sports education in Bharat. The move to include recognition of a bachelor’s in sports science and sports management will professionalize the sports talent ecosystem in the country and give impetus to unlock a USD$10 billion sports management industry. With this, like financial services and information technology in the past, Maharashtra will emerge as a pioneering state in enriching the sports talent pool of the country.

Hon’ble Maharashtra Sports and Youth Welfare Minister, Shri Sunil Kedar, said, “We have had a singular vision to reimagine and transform sports education in the country with the objective of creating skilled professionals well versed in the science and management of emerging sporting disciplines. With the International Sports University, our goal is to revolutionize sports education by incorporating different aspects of technology, management, sports governance, to produce sports professionals of the future who can advance Bharat’s prowess in sports. We welcome UGC’s decision and look forward to a quantum leap in building the talent, jobs and sports IP for the long term development of Bharatiya sports industry through professional education.”

Competent Authority of ISUM, Pune, Mr. Om Prakash Bakoria said, “It is a momentous development for sports ecosystem in Bharat and we are thrilled to be one of the few Universities in Bharat to offer future-ready courses in sports science and management. Sports will be one of the major drivers of the careers for the youth of the country. However, we need to groom them into the science of sports in a professional manner and our industry experts will help mould them to become sports professionals. The sports industry is expected to grow to a USD$10 billion industry over the next five years or so and we will need to build a strong talent framework to support the entire sporting community of the future in a planned manner”

The International Sports University came up last year in Pune under the aegis of the Maharashtra Government. One of the key consultants to the govt. in this project is former Bharat left-arm spinner Nilesh Kulkarni, who helped in finalizing core policies of the institute and setting up the committee to oversee the progress.

“I am glad that the UGC has taken note of the work being done by the Maharashtra government in revitalizing sports education in Bharat. The approval for the degrees is the need of the hour if we want to make next-level progress across different domains of sports. I have been a consultant in honorary role with the Maharashtra government and over the years, have realized the lack of academic validation for sports science and management domains, which is worrisome. By setting up the ISUM, we aim to make rapid strides in developing carefully curated curriculum and building strategic collaborations across sectors to diversify sports learning,” Kulkarni said on the UGC notification.

The sports talent management sector has a growing demand for qualified professionals with over 4 million job offerings across domains. The UGC recognition will now provide employment opportunities to former sportspersons and will give boost to the sports education sector in producing skilled professionals to meet industry demands.

Situated at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex at Mhalunge-Balewadi, the International Sports University is a first-of-its-kind to offer courses in Physical and Sports Education, Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine, Sports Technology, Sports Governance, Sports Management, Sports Media and Communication, Sports Coaching and Training. The first phase was started for the academic year 2022-23 with a 3-year programme in sports science and sports technology along with a 3-month programme in sports coaching and training. The institute has also sought the collaboration of IITs and IIMs in courses like Sports Technology, Sports Governance and Sports Management, so as to ensure synergetic and holistic development.


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