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Now book an ambulance within seconds via Dial4242 mobile app

Dial4242 – a pioneer in its segment, app based platform providing users the comfort of booking an ambulance within seconds launches in Mumbai. Dial4242 will allow a user to book the nearest available ambulance and track its location real-time. Founded by Nilesh Mahambre, Jeetendra Lalwani and Himanshu Sharma, Dail4242 aims to eliminate the stress and worries in booking ambulances by setting up a reliable network, reduce the waiting time, and deliver the best in emergency services to people across India. Introducing and launching the ambulance aggregating platform in Mumbai was ace comedian and prominent actor Vrajesh Hirjee. Services provided via Dail4242 are not limited to emergency situations and can also be used by patients for check-ups, medical appointments, after a hospital discharge or for intercity travel needs.

Available under less than 4 MB, the Dial4242 app is easy to use and has a step-by-step interface for bookings. To call for an ambulance, one simply needs to confirm the pick-up point auto-detected via GPS, add the destination and select the type of ambulance needed. Ambulance variants currently available are Basic, ICU or Cardiac and for the transfer of a dead body. The fare estimate and ETA of the ambulance will be displayed for a confirmation further to which the tracking details, and the estimated time to reach the destination with the shortest possible route will be displayed on the app. Once the user reaches his destination, he can pay the fare in cash to the driver or through a host of digital payment options. The user will receive an invoice via email and within the app. Additionally, ambulances can also be booked via the Dial4242 hotline 022-49414242 in Mumbai and these details would be sent to the caller via SMS.

Dial4242 has secured seed capital of approximately Rs. 1 crore from an angel for the purpose of R&D, market research, product development and operations. The technology backed platform has been in development and testing stages for over 4 months ensuring that it achieves best results in all circumstances and conditions and is now ready for public use. The company is currently in conversation with multiple investors for raising its next round of funds and is being led by its Co-founder and Chairman Mr. Nilesh Mahambre. Dial4242 has currently tied up with Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road and will be exploring associations with other hospitals and medical services entities as a part of service expansion.

Speaking on the launch, Nilesh Mahambre, Chairman and Co-founder, Dial4242 said, “When a taxi can arrive in 5 minutes, why can’t an ambulance? This was the moot point for the conceptualization of Dial4242. Today through a couple of simple taps, we can call for anything from food to cabs; however, it’s surprising that people have to go through so many layers of communications for an ambulance. We are attempting to address this need gap with Dial4242.”

Adding to this, Mr. Jeetendra Lalwani, Co-founder and Director, Dial4242, said, “I owe this idea to my dad. My personal experience during his illness is what led me to believe that there is the need to ease up the anxiety levels of people during medical emergencies. Dial 4242 is an idea which has arrived. It is our endeavour to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem where in the ambulance driver gets his due respect and the customer has the power to save lives with timely action”

Mr. Bhalchandra Padwal, Head Digital Strategy, Aoen Digital, the exclusive technology partner for the platform present at the event said, “We are partners to the idea, belief and the vision of being able to save human lives with technical assist. Having Aeon Digital on board we will ensure that there are regular updates and innovation in technology to further simplify our entire offering,”

“Dial4242 is an innovative model and we see great value in associating with such a platform which shall ensure a smooth and hassle-free ambulance booking process. We believe that technology and automating systems is a need of the day and Dial4242 is a perfect fit. We are certain that patients will benefit from the services being provided by Dial4242 and we welcome and support the efforts being made to streamline the system.” added Mr. Ravi Hirwani, Head - Hospital Operations, Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road on associating with Dial4242

Dial4242 services are available from May 18, 2017 across South Mumbai, Western Suburbs and from Virar to Thane and can be used for outstation travel needs as well. The company is in the process of extending their services to entire Mumbai by June. Over 140 ambulances have already signed up with Dial4242 and the company hopes to increase this number to 500 across Mumbai by year end simultaneously launch across India in phases.

The Dial4242 app is currently available to download for free via the Google PlayStore.

The iOS version of the app will be available on the App Store shortly.


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