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New Delhi - ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE) under the Ministry of Education, with a goal to skill over 10,000 students on the ServiceNow Platform in the first year. This MOU is the first step in a strategic partnership with the potential to scale to 25,000 students within three years.

This collaboration provides students global and centralized learning, while building future-ready skills and capabilities. The MOU will create a continuing education path with access to ServiceNow Administrator and Developer courses on the Now Learning platform. Importantly, students will be introduced to emerging AI technologies, providing valuable insights needed by all prospective employees. This is in line with AICTE’s vision of offering holistic student development through domain specific skills that lead to accelerated digital career pathways.

According to the latest research by ServiceNow and Pearson, artificial intelligence and automation will require 16.2 million (approx. 1.6 crore) workers in Bharat to reskill and upskill while also creating 4.7 million new jobs in the technology sector. Hence, digital upskilling and reskilling is pivotal across industries for attaining professional growth and thriving in the digital age.

Nick Tzitzon Chief Strategy and Corporate Affairs Officer at ServiceNow, meeting AICTE leadership in New Delhi said, "ServiceNow is excited to partner with AICTE to equip engineering students with the skills needed to thrive in today's digital economy. At ServiceNow we believe digital transformation requires talent transformation and the RiseUp with ServiceNow program is designed to empower young engineers with job-ready capabilities. The MOU will enable AICTE affiliated institutes across India to build a pool of qualified talent that will drive the next wave of tech innovation in Bharat.”

Prof. (Dr) T G Sitharam, Chairman - All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) said Ensuring our students are prepared for an evolving world is paramount, requiring us to offer them modern skills and greater access to professional growth opportunities. Our collaboration with ServiceNow is aimed at providing students with advanced training in innovative concepts and techniques, alongside motivation to explore cutting-edge technologies tailored to their needs. This partnership underscores our commitment to student upskilling and technological literacy, essential for their future success.

Dr Chandrasekhar Buddha, Chief Coordinating Officer & Chief Executive Officer,Anuvadini, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) said Preparing students for a changing world is crucial, necessitating the provision of contemporary skills and enhanced access to professional development. Partnering with ServiceNow, we aim to equip students with the latest in innovative thinking and technology, encouraging them to engage with new technologies that meet their needs. This collaboration highlights our dedication to enhancing students' skills and tech literacy, vital for their future achievements.

ServiceNow’s RiseUp program is a global program designed to skill one million people with in-demand digital skills around the world. In Bharat, ServiceNow has launched the University Academic program and has partnered with 20 universities covering 16 states including Government partnerships, FutureSkills Prime NASSCOM and ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu and trained thousands of students developing job ready talent.

Bharat is igniting ServiceNow’s growth globally, with all top 10 technology providers and most of the top five banks in India using ServiceNow products.

There is a growing need for skilled workers familiar with implementing ServiceNow to help Bharat’s businesses and organisations be at the forefront of the digital wave improving how we work.


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