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An eminent Maharashtrian entrepreneur Mr. Jeevan Baban Jadhav, known as an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Infrastructure developer and social worker has made his debut in the national entertainment sector. His new 'PING PONG ENTERTAINMENT' OTT channel has been launched in national Hindi language. He is the head of 'Green Valley Castle Private Limited' and 'Tiger Group' and has done a great job in this field. Now he is making his debut in the field of entertainment industry by recognizing the nerves of the Indian audience with the creation of an OTT channel named 'PING PONG ENTERTAINMENT', he is all set to bring real Hindi talent from all over Bharat to the World.

OTT has become a hugely popular platform across the world in a short span of time. The competition on this platform is also huge. As the best talent from all over the world becomes available on this platform, the interest of the audience varies from moment to moment. With the latest technology and the best of Bharatiya talent, 'PING PONG ENTERTAINMENT PVT. This OTT channel is being offered through Limited. The channel's all-producer Jeevan Baban Jadhav said that in the next few days, 'Ping Pong Entertainment' will be able to achieve its expected success. Commenting on the making of 'Ping Pong Entertainment', Jeevan Baban Jadhav, CMD of the channel said, “The people of Maharashtra have always respected the national Hindi language, so I have chosen Hindi as the national language while launching the OTT channel in the entertainment sector. 'PING PONG ENTERTAINMENT' is succeeding by reaching the expected stage ahead of time. Our web series, short films, Bollywood movies and other entertainment programs are getting the audience's liking."

Indian audiences across the world including India between the age of 18 to 80 are loving the OTT platform 'PING PONG ENTERTAINMENT'. Viewers are currently watching a selection of different programs on the channel. In a short span of time, 50,000 (fifty-five thousand) subscribers have joined 'PING PONG ENTERTAINMENT'. In the near future, 'Ping Pong Entertainment' will have some new Hindi web series, web movies, short films and new shows coming soon.

To enjoy the unlimited entertainment, you have to download the PING PONG app from Google Play Store or Appstore or it is very easy to download this app at


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