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Every relationship needs a strong pair of partners to withstand the many challenges that come their way. Raja played by Akshit Sukhija and Rani played by Mahima Makwana have been setting couple goals ever since. Having faced multiple challenges since their union, the couple has endured it all together.

Looking pretty, dancing like a diva, it's all happening in COLORS’ Shubhaarambh. In an upcoming episode Rani is distressed about her husband Raja, as they move closer to winning the competition in Mera Joota Hai Hindustani. But as destiny has it, Raja due to a mishap ends up losing his eyesight temporarily which adds on to Rani’s challenges. In order to win they are required to make a comfortable shoe sole, but they lose all means due to accidents and a foul play by Gunwant and Kirtida. Rani gears up and disguises herself as a Mebadi woman to enter the Kabila and have her way to win the competition.

An excited Mahima Makwana says, “This is a remarkably interesting twist in the tale. I have disguised myself as a Mabadi woman to get the Khakra maker that Gunwant and Kirtida have gifted to Leela, who is the leader of the Mebadi tribe as part of their foul play. That being said, this has been my most favorite track from the show till now. Dressing up like this and dancing to ‘Nagada Sang Dhol Baje’ was an experience of a lifetime that I will cherish forever. I really hope my fans join me as I dance to the tune of this epic song on their television screens.”

Dance to Rani’s tunes on Shubhaarambh at 9 30 pm, Monday to Friday only on COLORS


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