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Aaira Dwivedi knew Moin Sabri for the last 9 years, he was her hairstylist and they shared a passion to work for the entertainment industry. After debuting in the movie 'Revolver Rani' with his song 'Zardozi Lamhe', he continues his hairstyling career, while exploring opportunities to become a full-time singer. Initially, Aaira wanted to debut in a movie but when Moin presented her with the song, she was flabbergasted and couldn’t resist investing in the music video ‘Judaai’.

"I had presented the song idea to my client and friend since the past nine years Aaira Dwivedi in a cafe, and was mesmerized looking at her reaction towards the song, she initially wanted to debut in the industry through a movie but decided to work together in this project and make it successful. Similarly, while I was on the sets of KBC, I made Gunjan Utreja hear the song at the set of KBC. After listening to the song he promising to come on board, but he had to shoot for his web series after two weeks.we had to finish the song within two weeks hence, I and Aaira created a storyline, plan and execute the shoot for the music video within two weeks.” said Singer Moin Sabri.

"When I heard the song for the first time, I knew this song had potential and instantly signed up to be a part of this project. In this song, we have made sure that the song has all the different phases of a relationship which is sure to bring some tears in the audience's eyes. As an actress, this was a very challenging project for me too, as the story demanded a full plethora of emotions and I have tried my best to bring justice to my character" said debutant Aaira Dwivedi.

This song was shot in a cinematic quaint location called Kyrgyzstan, in Russia under extreme temperatures of -20 degrees. "The shoot turned out to be challenging to the entire crew due to the low temperate as we shot on New years day to capture the majestic fireworks in our video. Despite many challenges and sacrifices that came our way, the team made sure that the quality of the music video was not compromised. The song is an emotional ballad that will stir up emotions in you for your loved ones.“ added Aaira Dwivedi.

Tseries released ‘Judaai’ on their top chartbusters YouTube channel. This music video features debutant Aaira Dwivedi, Actor Gunjan Utreja and is sung by Zardozi Lamhe Singer Moin Sabri. The direction of the music video was done by Srman Jain and the lyrics of this song were written by Vandana Khandelwal and Gaurav Maheshwari.


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