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Laxman Kumar says - Right now the whole country is going through a terrible situation like corona epidemic. In such a situation, there are many people who are targeting the saints in the name of Hindu Muslims, and are trying to spread unrest in the country. Recently, the photo of Jodhpur saint Shri Kriparamji Maharaj has been viral on social media for the last five-six days They are trying to discredit them.

Because at the request of some Muslim devotees, he went to the mosque and preached there and in the sermon he only talked about patriotism. And Muslim devotees also come in their Programme, even the story is only in the fields of those devotees. Apart from these, they also assisted in the construction of the temple, so all these things started knocking many people, People say that Allah Tala Q, who went to the Masjid, said that people are trying to discredit him by making various kinds of things about it, while Kripa Ramji went to the Masjid first to worship Krishna and then worshiped Guru, then he took the name of Allah. Then he spoke about patriotism somewhere.

In the sermon and narrative of 27-year-old saint Shri Kriparamji Maharaj, there is always a lot of patriotic talk that saint Shri Kriparamji Maharaj gave up saintly life at the age of four and a half years, leaving his family, and at the age of 5 Started spiritual discourse without writing, without going to school. Addressing 8th Dharam Sabha among thousands of monk saints in Ahmedabad at the age of 7

Preaching the Sanatan Dharma by doing Bhagwat Katha at the age of 11 in Bangkok outside India while preaching the narrative in many states of India.

Note - Siddhant Samachar has not covered this news.


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