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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

The month of Sawan is going on, the weather is rainy. Every year people go to hill station or long journey to enjoy this season and enjoy the rain. And to make their journey beautiful, they dance on songs related to rain. Those people can add one more rain special song "Baarish Ho Rahi Jhama Jhamm" to their playlist. 

Yes, Baarish Ho Rahi Jhama Jhamm is Sufi Parveen's new dance and rainy song. This beautiful song has been released by Sufi through his music label "Theme Music International" on 4 August 2021 all over the world. This song describes Sufi Parveen's love for nature. Sufi Parveen wrote and composed this song in the same season almost 9 years ago today. 

A few days before the release of this song, Sufi wrote about the song on his Facebook page with an old picture of himself, "Get ready to dance in the rain. My new song is going to be released very soon... I wrote this song in my Nokia E5 on 28 June 2013 while sitting at a bus stop. You will understand by listening to the song, what I was feeling that time in the rain. I like rain very much. I like to go out in rainy season without an umbrella" 

Sufi Parveen has dedicated this song to the rains of Mumbai. And called Mumbai's rain the best rain in the world. 

Baarish Ho Rahi Jhama Jhamm is available on all major digital platforms including JioSaavn, Spotify, iTunes - Apple Music etc. You can download this song from Bandcamp in high quality.

Listen here - Baarish Ho Rahi Jhama Jhamm by Sufi Parveen

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