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Lashkar-E-Khalsa has increased its terrorist activities in the past. On confirmation from our sources, it was found that many leaders associated with The Punjab BJP have also been threatened by the Khalistani terrorists. This morning a Khalistani terrorist has also threatened to kill BJP Yuva Morcha President Tajinder Singh Tiwana via Whatsapp.

In this message, not only Tajinder, but also his entire family has received death threat. In the message, written by Sandeep Singh, who claims to be spokesperson of Lashkar-E-Khalsa he mentions, "Leave BJP or else you and your family will be killed like a dog"

On translating the Punjabi language, it was found that in this message it is also written that, "A Bomb was discovered from CM's House, now another bomb has been planted near the Military Base”

After these threats security has been beefed up outside Tiwana's residence situated in Malad West . Not only this, Sandeep has also threatened that various BJP & RSS Ministers along with The Indian Army are on the radar of Lashkar E Khalsa.

In a special conversation with the media, Tajinder Singh Tiwana said “Under the leadership of our Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, Bharat is leading the world however such Anti-National Forces are unable to see such rising status of Bharat at international level. Today I have received messages and calls on WhatsApp threatening to kill me and my family members. These messages have been sent on behalf of Sandeep Singh Khalistani, who claims to be the spokesperson of Lashkar E Khalsa. In the message, this Anti-National, Anti-Hindu has also threatened to attack the Indian Army along with BJP Leaders, RSS Office Bearers”

Tajinder Singh Tiwana further warned Sandeep Singh saying “Open your eyes & ears & listen to me carefully, Khalsa was established to protect Hindus, so stop defaming the name of Khalsa for spreading hatred and terrorism & before raising your eyes towards the Bharatiya Soldiers, have a look at the condition of Chinese Army, even today most of them are suffering from the wrath of our Bharatiya Soldiers which Chinese got at Galvan. I have informed Mumbai police about your conspiracies. As for me and my family, my grandfather has served the country as an Indian Naval Officer, my parents and I are working in public service and will continue to do our work with full patriotism. We know how to deal with Anti-Nationals like you”

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.

Day after this incident took place and an FIR was registered by the Mumbai Police, Tajinder today morning received more threats of being brought down to death.

These threats were received on WhatsApp as well as calls where Tiwana was warned to take back his FIR or face consequences which will lead to his death. The message which came by an Bharatiya caller warned Tiwana to take back his FIR otherwise he would be targeted soon.

The message also stated that Bharatiya higher authorities would be targeted by Lashkar-E-Khalsa.


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