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They Were Intrigued To Know What Is The Show About Shares Anindita Bose On The Reactions She Got After Mafia Trailer Launch

ZEE5 is a leading OTT platform and everyone’s first choice because of the variety of content it offers. It's not just the palette of content it holds but the originals of different genres from comedy to drama to romance and thriller. Adding more to the list of thrilling content, ZEE5 has one in the pipeline and the audiences much awaited for titled "Mafia".

The trailer was recently released and spins around how the college gang has reunited at Madhupur their 'adda' and how they all smiles for meeting after so long. But things take a twist when they decide to play 'Mafia'. It's avoided first but then the death of a villager changes everything and hold on, is there a ghost? And is the outsider who barged in forcefully, the murderer? The gang decides to play Mafia, the game of life to dig out all the things that have been buried for many years.

The show has indeed struck the right chord from its announcement with its trailer release but is it a psychological thriller or a horror show? One cannot wait to see. The trailer just dropped and everyone who has seen it has been rooting on their social media about how they cannot wait for another nine days and so much more, for the show to finally release on ZEE5 as it has now added to the layers of truth that need to be dugout. Anindita Bose shares the reaction that she received about the show, post the release of the trailer.

The actress shares, "When my friends and family saw the teaser of Mafia they were confused and shocked at the same time. As they had a perception of the show based on some underworld scene but when they saw the teaser, they were intrigued to know what is the show about and what will happen. Getting a feedback from them like this, felt like we have stuck the right chord with the teaser."

The upcoming show has many layers of truth to be unfolded. Will some lovers reunite? Will the dent that the friendship already has damage everything, permanently?

The show has Namit Das as Nitin, Tanmay Dhanania as Rishi, Isha M Saha as Ananya, and Anindita Bose as Neha. The show is going to be released in Bengali and Hindi. This is going to be one of the most adventurous shows as the incidents will force the friend to come face to face with their past and much more. ‘Mafia' will release exclusively on ZEE5 on 10th July 2020.


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