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CR transported more than 7 lakh stranded people in 574 originating Shramik Special Trains.

CR’s 2009 Ticket Checking Staff served Migrants of 1840 Shramik Specials.

Central Railway has transported more than 7 lakh stranded people to their home till 29th May 2020 through its 574 Shramik Special Trains to all over the country. These 7 lakh shramiks were provided comfortable travel with free meals and water. They were guided to their coaches maintaining a discipline of social distancing & ensuring comfortable boarding on to the train & by the Ticket Checking Staff. They were also counselled to use the masks and frequent washing of hands to contain the spread of COVID19. The frontline warriors selflessly performing their duty more so as a social responsibility and service to the nation, provide all round help to the shramiks, including moving senior citizens on wheel chair, helping pregnant women from an enroute train to be transported to the hospital for safe delivery and even distributing food & water inside the coaches of a passing Shramik Specials.

Central Railway has deputed overall 2009 Ticket Checking Staff to serve 1840 Shramik Specials including 574 originating Shramik Special Trains to help the migrants and to provide meals and water to the Shramiks in passing trains and extend their helping hand in time of exigencies. 14 Women Ticket Checking Staff (4 from Nagpur Division and 10 from Pune Division) also involved in this enormous exercise. Ticket Checking Staff overlooking the risk of getting infected, render yeomen service, handled migrants with care, compassion and with courtesy, many times helping out of the way, carrying the child to the compartment, moving the senior citizens on wheel chair for comfortable boarding and on few instances helping the women in the advance stage of pregnancy with the quick transportation to the hospital nearby.

On 26.05.2020, a Shramik Special Train no. 09253 Ex. Surat to Behrampur arrived at Platform no. 3 of Nagpur station, a passenger named Mr. Vishnu Sahu reported to on duty Ticket Checking Staff that his wife is suffering from severe labour pain and needed medical support urgently. Immediately the on duty ticket checking staff, Mr. Sunil Kumar, Chief Ticket Inspector, Nagpur along with his team with the help of the Dy. Station Superintendent (Commercial) arranged stretcher and shifted the pregnant women in an ambulance to the nearby hospital. This spontaneous support and help rendered by the TC staff, helped the women to deliver a healthy baby in the hospital. Mr. Vishnu Sahu was full of thankfulness and gratitude for the quick help rendered by the frontline staff of Indian Railways.

Similarly, in an another instance in 01944 Pune – Lucknow Shramik Special Train, the Ticket Checking staff at Pune Station, while guiding the passengers to board the train found a senior citizen struggling to walk with the walker standing at the entrance in the queue with her son. Immediately, the TC staff handed over the luggage to her son, took the senior citizen in a revolving wheel chair found nearby comfortably and helped her to board the train and ensured her to sit comfortably in her berth. Another TC at Pune Station carried one little child of a woman who was struggling to carry her two little children by herself to board a Shramik Special Train. Such instances of spontaneous help rendered by the Central Railway Ticket Checking Staff has left migrants depart with teary eyes and emotional feeling towards the staff.

During this Lockdown and ensuing running of Shramik Specials, the Ticket Checking Staff proved to be the comforting arms, while Indian Railways stood by the migrants in the most difficult time of their life and were steadfast in fulfilling their aspirations giving the ray of hope.


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