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Trust Vidyut Jammwal to showcase and introduce out of the box work out and action sequences in his movies. With each film Vidyut has come up with a unique form of workout or a trademark stunt which we have never seen in India. With his upcoming film Junglee, Vidyut will be introducing animal flow workout to the audience. Animal flow is a form of workout which copies the movements of different animals. For Vidyut, doing animal flow was a test of his physical endurance beyond its limits.

A special part of Vidyut’s training was mastering the ‘animal flows’ from Kalaripayattu, the ancient Indian martial art. To attain the physique and movement he needed for this film, Vidyut reduced his weight training and practised Kalaripayattu extensively for two years. Kalaripayattu believes that in one lifetime, one can experience many, by imbibing the qualities of other beings — a skill which comes from rigorous practice and discipline. Kalaripayattu helped Vidyut understand and learn from the movements of the elephant, python, scorpion, crab, horse, wild boar, frog, butterfly, and many more. These animals taught Vidyut a lot, who believes animals are superior to us because of their ability to feel other beings.

Ask Vidyut on his experience doing Animal flow and bringing it to the audience, he shared "Kalaripayattu is a discipline that has encouraged people to pickup on strength, sensibility and personality traits of various fantastic animals. It was amazing for me to extend my knowledge of Kalaripayattu by practicing animal flow. Most of the conventional exercises in the gym isolate only two muscles at a time. However training like an animal functionally overcomes this one way to optimize strength, flexibility ,mind body control.

Humans are emotional beasts and hence face trouble in being in the moment. That is why we are not natural fighters like the leopard or the tiger who do not get paralyzed by fear. These animals do not get paralyzed by guilt situation.

This awareness, apart from additional strength from animal flow helped me be at ease with the animals I shot with for Junglee. I was awed by the depth of this stream of martial arts and wanted to bring on big screen with Junglee."

So catch Vidyut’s ‘animal expertise’ in the video, Training To Be Junglee, which is out today. And don’t miss Junglee’s trailer, that releases on March 6.

Link : Video Credit: Haider Khan Music by Sameer Uddin

A Junglee Pictures production, ‘Junglee’ is directed by Chuck Russell, produced by Vineet Jain and co-produced by Priti Shahani. The film is set to release in cinemas on April 5.


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