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Some bonds are formed unexpectedly but have the power to last a lifetime. Such has been the journey of Sayantani Ghosh aka Daljeet from Sony SAB’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main, who despite being a new addition to the family has created a timeless bond with the kids on the sets. While Daljeet is still trying to break the ice with Rishabh and Trishala on-screen, she shares a rather beautiful bond with her young co-stars, Ansh Sinha, Neeharika Roy, Viraj Kapoor and Ekagra Dwivedi. Revealing what goes behind the scenes and the memories that are in the making, Sayantani got candid with her experience so far.

Speaking about her bond with the kids on the sets, she said, “My bond with the kids is growing with each passing day. I must say that everyone adores Twinkle aka Ekagra the most as he is the youngest and the cutest one on the set. Even with Ansh, Neeharika and Viraj. I share an amazing chemistry in terms of understanding and as co-stars. Now, in the show, as Baggas are a part of the Bansal family now, we are the new additions and don’t have any such past experiences in the show or off-screen. I was a little unsure about how this new association would fare but my young co-stars are all welcoming and accepted me with open arms. Fun has a new definition with these kids around. Neeharika and I often make fun reels together and depict our shared love for dancing. As a matter of fact, apart from Neeharika, we all love dancing and we pick a song basis each person’s choice and choose to make a reel on that. We all are like a small dance group.”

Revealing her dearest memory on the sets with the kids, she said, “While we are up to something new every day. I think my dearest memory with them is when we were shooting an all-night camping sequence. While we were shooting, it never felt like it. We were listening to music, having fun and it all reflected in the scene. It was us in our natural element, just having fun as a family. I think these moments are the ones that will stay with us forever.”

Talking about her experience so far, she added, “It is delightful to have young co-stars around. I feel we learn a lot from the kids about their lifestyle, how they view acting and how tech-savvy and updated they are about everything these days. I feel adults can learn a lot from the kids as well. They have a lot to offer that can truly enrich us.”

Adding further about her first impression, Sayantani said, “These kids just resonated positive energy. They were extremely warm and respectful towards me. I think they add a spark on the sets.” When asked to describe her young co-stars in one word, Sayantani had a fun response and said, “I think Viraj is intense. He is always keen on learning more and honing his skills, Ekagra is a cutie pie, Ansh is my buddy and Neeharika is my girlfriend/sister.”

Sayantani while concluding said, “It has been a wonderful experience shooting with such a sweet bunch of kids who are very professional at such a young age and respectful. They bring an entirely different energy on the set and I must say they are a big dollop of fun in our everyday routine. I look forward to learning and growing with them at the same time memories that I can cherish forever.”

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