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An entrepreneur, a health coach and a mother to two lovely daughters, Deepa Rajani is all set to help individuals discover the magic within them through the launch of her debut book ‘The Magic In You – Awaken Your Soul’ joined by Actress Soha Ali Khan in Mumbai.

People have spoken time and again about the incredible power of the human mind and its unlimited potential to do things that one could have never imagined of. This is what first-time author Deepa Rajani’s debut book, ‘The Magic In You - Awaken Your Soul’, is all about! The book was launched by her on the 4th of February, Thursday at Estella, Juhu. The event was graced by Bollywood Actress Soha Ali Khan who said that it's time people start to invest in themselves, focus on personal growth and this book gives us just that!

Some of us believe that our fates are written in our stars, that our destinies have already been set in stone; unalterable. But, what if someone told us that it is possible to take charge of our own lives. In this book, the author shows us how you can harness the extraordinary power vested in you and use it to shape your life just the way you desire.

“This book will not have all the answers to all your problems, nor is it a guide to lead you to some “promised land”. But it will awaken the unlimited power within you. It will teach you to ‘believe’ and help you craft your very own success story.” Says the author who is also the mother of 2 teens and a functional medicine certified health coach “We all have this hidden power within us which, when I learnt to use, I realised I can create miracles, I could heal myself and also make my dreams a reality. This hidden power lies latent within all of us, until we can learn to use it. We go through life learning so many things like maths, science, history, geography, but we are never taught the most important things like - How to truly live this life? Well my acronym for L.I.F.E. is Live It Fully Empowered”, smiles Deepa. “When I learnt that we truly are divine, limitless beings, made up of energy, with the gift of freewill to create our own reality - through our thoughts, deeds and actions it was like an awakening, like a bulb lighting up inside me. And that’s when the magic began”, beams Deepa.

Unveiling the book actor and author herself, Soha Ali Khan who has read the book says, “The book truly leaves you with a lot of positivity. I found it to be very empowering as it enables you to find a lot of the answers that lie right within ourselves. A lot of us, especially during this pandemic, have been dealing with many negative issues, coming to terms with the fact that a lot of our plans for the past year didn’t work out. So, it’s nice to have a book that not just addresses the issues that we’re concerned about but also provides solutions for them that lie right within ourselves.”

Backed by Jaico Books, who have published authors like Robin Sharma, Paul Dupuis, Ryuho Okawa, Radhakrishnan Pillai and Om Swami over the years, this book is pitched as a book to aid the journey of self-discovery and creating one's own destiny.

The event witnessed the presence of the crème de la crème of Mumbai with celebrities like actress Sonam Arora and Fashion Designer Rohit Verma.

The book is co-edited by Suhana Bhatia and Geetha Balsara. The 300 pages book is priced at Rs.399, and is available in bookstores, on & JAICO BOOKS website.


Deepa Rajani is an entrepreneur, a health coach and mother to two lovely daughters. A few roller-coaster life challenges compelled her to journey inwards, leading her to discover books, mentors and alternative healing. This journey also triggered her to pen her first book, The Magic in You.


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