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Central Railway has observed “Swachh Railgaadi”.i.e. clean trains as part of the 7th day of Swachhta Pakhawada being observed from 16.9.2020 to 30.9.2020. All Divisions of Central Railway focussed on cleaning of trains at sheds and yards keeping up with Covid-19 protocol along with intensive cleaning of toilets in trains.


Intensive cleaning of trains were carried out at all yards and EMU sheds of Mumbai division. Cleaning activities were undertaken at Kurla and Kalva car shed. Special attention was paid to cleaning of toilets and sanitation of special trains at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Lokmanya Tilak Terminus. Focus was given to provision of proper water taps, cleaning of clogged toilets, ensuring absence of bad odour and safety of passengers in terms of sanitation following the protocols of Covid-19.


At Pune station intensive cleaning of coaches with special emphasis on toilets and wash basins was done. Inspection and cleaning of clogged toilets and pantry cars was done including cleaning of corridors, vestibules and external panels. All this was done with proper social distancing and other precautions like wearing masks and gloves.


Cleaning activities were carried out at Nagpur division followed by plantation drive and inauguration of new office building at Ajni by DRM Nagpur. Hygiene and Sanitation was inspected by Senior Officers in pantry cars and coaches of trains. Cleaning of primary trains at Nagpur was also undertaken..


Solapur division focused on cleaning at all major stations along with emphasis on cleaning of toilets and drainages. Trains were inspected by Senior Officers to ensure cleanliness of coaches with respect to toilets, window panes and flooring of the coaches. Special attention was paid to ensure prevention of filth and rodents under the seats and berths. Cleanliness of offices, stations, dustbins and proper sanitation was ensured at Pandharpur and other places.


Intensive cleaning of special trains with focus on cleaning of wash basins, toilets and choked drains was carried out all over Bhusaval division. MEMU rakes were cleaned and sanitized at the coaching complex. Passengers in trains and at stations were counseled to keep premises and trains clean while following the Covid-19 protocol.


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