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Every actor is always in search for well written thought provoking materia" Say Shiv Pandit

Actor Shiv Pandit who was last seen in films like Shaitan, Boss and many commercial ads has recently featured in the critically acclaimed film ‘LOEV, directed by Sudhanshu Saria. Portraying a gay character, actor Shiv Pandit along with co-stars Late Dhruv Ganesh and Siddharth Menon take you through the life of three friends who are on a weekend road trip as they struggle to define the boundaries between love and friendship.

Talking about the movie and the experience, actor Shiv Pandit says “- Every actor is always in search for well written..thought provoking material. It's the writing which enables us to essay these complexed and deeply affected characters. It's the vision of the director that shows us the way. I was very lucky to have a combination of the two with Suds (Sudhanshu Saria). He knew what he was talking about. Period. I respect that quality in people. It makes it easy for me to trust them.

I started out wanting to do Loev from an extremely selfish standpoint of wanting to nail a good no one had ever offered me this kind of a part and in all likelihood nobody ever would, was what I thought while signing the film. But post completion of the film.. I've realized the immense responsibility we as artists have to society in terms of putting out true representations of the community we live in, as somehow in its own little way it helps to shape and broaden mindsets.

Especially in the case of Loev, where we need to bring these stories out into an open arena. Loev has been an understanding for me. Loev has been a perspective. I am glad Loev found me. It's will always be my really small film with a gigantic heart. Love to Loev you Baby.!


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