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Mumbai - The 11th edition of the Jagran Film Festival kicked off its second day with a spectacular event at Cinepolis in Mumbai. The day was dedicated to insight candid conversation with renowned director Anand L Rai, Vishal Batra (brother of Kargil war hero Param Capt Veer Chakra- Vikram Batra) on the bond that he shared with his brother, casting director, Anmol Ahuja and Piyush Mishra, versatile actor, poet, and musician known for his remarkable contributions to both theatre and cinema.

Vishal Batra, identical twin brother of Param Veer Chakra- Capt Vikram Batra reminisced about their diverse childhood interests in sports, where they shared a strong bond and enjoyed friendly competition, finding joy in their own company. From a young age, Param Veer Chakra awardee Capt Vikram Batra was determined to excel and play fair, aspiring passionately to serve in the army. Vishal also highlighted that the younger generation in their family aspires to follow this path and join the armed forces, sharing proud moments and encouraging them to pursue this honourable calling. As the audience listened to the tales of Captain Vikram Batra, they were engulfed by a wave of

emotions, deep inspiration, and a strong sense of pride that resonated profoundly among all those present. The session was moderated by Major (Retd) Gaurav Arya.

Prior to the discussion with Vishal Batra, the brother of Kargil war hero Param Veer Chakra awardee Capt Vikram Batra, the film 'Shershah' was screened. This movie not only deeply resonated with the audience, leading fans to fervently chant 'Vande Matram,' but it also received a standing ovation.

In a thought-provoking discussion, casting director Anmol Ahuja delved into the audition process, underscoring the significance of effectively presenting a strong portfolio. He also shared his own remarkable journey, emphasizing the pivotal role of unwavering dedication and hard work in his ascent. The conversation was skilfully moderated by Nayandeep Rakshit.

In a captivating conversation, renowned film director Anand L Rai shared insights from his engineering school days when he unearthed his gift for attentive listening and storytelling. His deep appreciation for others' narratives drove him to establish his production house. He stressed the importance of going beyond surface-level characters and stories when creating sequels or franchises, believing that the true potential for success lies in exploring the deeper aspects of their journey. He also discussed his collaborations with Shah Rukh Khan, describing Mr. Khan as a man filled with boundless possibilities. Mr. Rai elaborated on why he selected Dhanush as the lead in 'Raanjhanaa,' highlighting his quest for an extraordinary actor for a commercial role. The session was moderated by Ananat Vijay.

In an open and insightful discussion, Piyush Mishra, a versatile artist known for his work as a playwright, actor, and musician, delved into his autobiography, 'Tumhari Aukat Kya Hai.' This book offers a profound account of Mishra's life, recounting his hardships, struggles, and triumphs. He also expressed his view that poetry and cinema. Furthermore, during the session, director Sourabh Vyas shed light on his movie 'Rare,' which features Piyush Mishra in a leading role. 'Rare' is a thrilling exploration of the complexities of contemporary life, combining elements of psychological thriller and drama. The session was moderated by Ananat Vijay.

On the mesmerizing second day of the JFF, a dazzling array of films illuminated the silver screen. Movies like “The Storyteller”, “Signal Man” “Shershah” Vadakkan”, Chidiakhana”, “Samaira” “Nobody Asked”, “Max, Minimum, and Meowzaki”, “Moggajanakoli” “Powai”, “Bijoya Pore”, “Sir Madam Sarpanch”. Short movies- “Rare”, “Hiranaicha Aamba”, “Kaandpur”, “The Last Meal”, “Mother’s Day”, “To Ankur”, “Memoir of a Veering Storm”, “Ghan. Documentary - “Sofia Will Return” was shown respectively. the audience embarked on a cinematic journey like no other. "

Day 2 of the Jagran Film Festival proved to be a celebration of artistic brilliance and a poignant tribute to the luminaries who have left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. As the festival continues to unfold, audiences can expect more captivating movies, thought-provoking discussions, and a myriad of cinematic experiences that will stay with them for years to come.

Day 3 brings the electrifying presence of Bobby Deol, Amit Sadh, and Pulkit Samrat, promising an audience experience filled with energy and talent.


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