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Mumbai - After a successful stint in student range of stationery products, Navneet Education Limited - a trusted brand in education, has forayed into office stationery segment with the brand HQ. The brand is targeted towards executives who appreciate well-designed and crafted products. The range offers paper-based stationery products with designs that are timeless and easy to comprehend. Special effort is taken to outsource materials, keeping the prices attractive.

HQ stationery products are gaining popularity at workplaces due to their innovative and simplistic designs, impeccable quality and strong utility value. With the new brand, Navneet is catering to customers who are young achievers and have a knack for things that offer intangible value in terms of design.

HQ offers a wide range of paper-based stationery products, which are perfect for the connoisseur seeking a perfect and stylish accessory. HQ Ezee Disc is one of the highlighted innovations. In this notebook one can shuffle the pages by easily removing them from the central disc binding and inserting them back, wherever desired. Similarly, there are products like PU notebooks, Legally 18, Calligraphy Ganesha among others that are designed considering diverse user tastes and preferences.

Taking the initiative forward there is a new product that is being launched, HQ Onyx Series. These notebooks comes with ‘Exposed Spine’ feature, which means that it is engineered in a way that there is no covering on the binding side of the book. With this feature one can open the book flat 180 degrees without any resistance’. This is a bold and innovative approach. To add further to the beauty, these books come in sleek A5 size and in four unique designs derived from ONYX, an exotic marble. With innovative edge printing technique, the cover designs extend even on the sides of the notebook to give you an experience of holding a solid marble book.

Lastly, the superior paper quality of all HQ products gives the user a smoother writing experience. An ideal buy for someone who enjoys writing, has a creative eye, who swears by quality, and likes to carry and use a premium stylish accessory.

Speaking about the launch of HQ, Abhijit Sanyal, Chief Strategy Officer said, “We have taken special care while developing and sourcing the materials for HQ products. We want our consumers to be delighted with not just the stylish designs of the books, but also the overall writing experience. There are not many brands offering products specifically for office space and the entire category is flooded with unbranded and commoditized products, especially the paper category. Navneet has decided to fill the gap by utilising the expertise of paper stationery manufacturing and create products that someone with a discerning eye would appreciate.”

HQ range is widely available at the stationery stores across major Indian cities. Apart from that these super books are available exclusively on Amazon and delivered to your doorstep.


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