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1 - What made you accept this show- Tenali Rama? How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB ?

When I was offered this show, my mind went straight to my childhood as I was really fond of Tenali Rama’s tales and used to read them a lot. Having grown up reading the various stories of Tenali Rama and years later having the chance to be a part of the same story is a childhood dream coming to life. What added to my happiness, was the opportunity to associate with Sony SAB and be a part of a show that the entire family can enjoy. Tenali Rama is really close to my heart and there was no way I would’ve let this opportunity slid.

2 - How is the character of Raja Krishnadevaraya different from any characters you have essayed so far ? What do you love the most about your character ?

What sets Raja Krishnadevaraya apart from any characters that I have played so far is the element of light-heartedness and comedy that surrounds him. The characters that I have portrayed in the past were serious in nature.

I really admire the stoic nature of the character which blends with the subtle humour. I also enjoy the grand look of the character although I struggle to wear the moustache every day.

3 - Tell us something about the return of your character Raja Krishnadevaraya in the show ?

Raja Krishnadevaraya is the king of Vijayanagar. He spent the last 20 years in the forest as he wanted to let go of all the materialistic pleasures and lead a simple life. But after learning that Vijayanagar will be under grave threat, he returns to Vijayanagar to save his kingdom from his enemies.

Krishnadevaraya is a bold character who blends well with the comical characters that surround him. He greatly values all his navratnas, especially Pandit Rama Krishna whose wit and intelligence continues to save the kingdom from all the problems.

4 - Was it challenging to play the role of a historic character and be a part of the show which is running for a long period on television ?

It was definitely challenging for me to get into the shoes of a character which is widely known and loved. There is a certain level of expectation that I had to meet. The challenge was to really make everyone believe that I am Raja Krishnadevaraya and to do that I had to really live the life of the King and concentrate on the tiniest of nuances. I feel my efforts and hard work is paying off slowly and I am happy that the viewers are accepting me in this role and I hope they continue to shower their love and support to the show.

5 - Krishnadevaraya has a special bond with Pandit Rama Krishna. How is your rapport with Krishna Bharadwaj ?

We both share a great rapport with one another as most of my scenes are with him. Krishna is a thorough professional and has a great command on Hindi, which is really rare. It is always seamless to shoot with him and it is fun to work with such a talented co-star.

6 - Any special preparations that you did for this role ?

I did not prepare for the role. I do not believe in imitating in order to achieve perfection. I came on the set with a clean slate and I carefully paid attention to the director and the team who briefed me about the character. I followed their directions and brought my own mannerisms to the character as an artist.

7 - Any message for the fans and viewers ?

To all the viewers of Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama, I would like to encourage each and every one of you to keep watching Tenali Rama. It's one of a kind show which offers something special for every member of the family. The elders will be reminded of their childhood while the kids will learn something positive with each episode. So, bring the entire family together and share laughter and smiles with each other while watching Tenali Rama.

Watch Tarun Khanna as Raja Krishnadevaraya on Tenali Rama every Monday - Friday at 7:30 PM only on Sony SAB


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