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COLORS’ Ishq Mein Marjawaan has entertained the audience through its high intensity thrill and edge-of-the seat drama ever since its inception. The sizzling chemistry between the two leads Vansh (Rrahul Vaidya) and Riddhima (Helly Shah) is loved by the audience. Their love-hate relationship is keeping the audiences on the edge and they are desperately hoping for the couple to fall in love!

In the upcoming episodes viewers will see how the love story unfolds during the Karwa Chauth ceremony. Riddhima who is sent in as a spy by her cop boyfriend Kabir eventually falls in love with Vansh. Karwa Chauth might turn out to be the occasion that may bring Ridhhima and Vansh even more close.

While Riddhima and Vansh complicated relationship is slowly unfolding, a mysterious person conspires to kill Riddhima. Some or the other life-threatening incidents keep on happening with Riddhima and each time, Vansh manages to save her. Before the Karwa Chauth Riddhima goes to meet Kabir where she tells him that she has kept the fast for Vansh and not for him. Kabir gets extremely upset about this. Back home, Riddhima partakes in a bangle ceremony with Vansh’s family, and the diamond bangles that Vansh has purchased for her, fit her perfectly.

Later on, as the ceremonies continue, a mysterious person in a black shawl keeps trying to ruin Riddhima’s rituals. The person adds harmful chemicals to Riddhima’s mehandi and mixes something toxic in the kapur that she is trying to burn. However, each attempt is thwarted by Vansh and the Karwa Chauth goes smoothly. Riddhima is also moved when she knows that even Vansh fasted for her. While the two are now seen having genuine feelings for each other, Ishani is hell bent on coming in between them. She tries every trick in the book and Vansh seems to be swayed by her attempts. All the closeness between the two seems to be fading away as Riddhima herself starts having doubts again about Vansh’s true intentions. She still fears that he might harm her.

Will Vansh and Riddhima listen to others and harm the bond they have so painfully developed between them? Or will their fondness for each other stand the test of time and overcome the hurdles? What is Vansh’s true self? Is he capable of harming Riddhima? Find out more in COLORS’ hot show Ishq Mein Marjaawan.

To know more, watch Ishq Mein Marjaawan, every Monday- Friday at 7 pm only on COLORS


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