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When you think of fitness you imagine gyms, pilates, yoga or even running. But fitness is a centuries-old part of our culture. Wrestlers have spent years mastering the ‘Mallakhamb’ to improve their strength and agility. And 21-year-old Himani Parab from Maharashtra is wowing the world with her mastery of the ancient techniques of pole and rope ‘Mallakhamb’.

Watch how this young girl became one of the foremost proponents of this predominantly male sport on the next episode of ‘OMG! Yeh Mera India’. The eighth season of the trendsetting original factual entertainment series continues to deliver on its promise of making the viewers exclaim “OMG!”.

An ultimate fitness regime incorporating the best of yoga, wrestling and gymnastics, ‘Mallakhamb’ is extremely difficult to master. But inspired by her sister, Himani decided to take up this sport and her dedication, hard work and determination saw her go on and win 4 gold medals and 2 bronze medals at the 2019 World ‘Mallakhamb’ Championship. Her exploits have not gone unnoticed and in 2021, she became the first recipient of the Arjuna Award for ‘Mallakhamb’. Learn about her challenging journey.

Watch this young world champion along with other incredible stories from across the length and breadth of the country, including the man making greener fuel from algae.


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