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A brave little detective is ready to solve mysteries this March. Mira, Royal Detective premiering on Disney Channel, is a new animated mystery-adventure with young Mira - a brave and resourceful girl who is appointed to the role of royal detective by the queen.

Created for kids age 2-7 and their families, the show celebrates the cultures and customs of India by incorporating authentic food, fashion, language and art. It focuses on entertaining the kids along with giving them the opportunity to learn life skills. The handpicked voice-over cast are a perfect fit for the characters. Kal Penn is one of the artists who will be lending his voice to an adorable mongoose that plays the sidekick of Mira, the little girl while the character of Queen Shanti is being voiced by the actress Freida Pinto.

Kal Penn is excited for the kids to watch the show, he says, “I hope that what kids learn the most from Mira, Royal Detective are these incredible inquisitive skills, these characters that are confident. I mean, Mira is incredibly confident and capable and what an incredible message that sends to young girls obviously but also to young boys who will watch the show and be inspired by her"

Adds Freida Pinto, “Mira gets appointed because [Queen Shanti] sees in her a young inspiring and kind human who could go about maintaining order and peace within the kingdom. Her character comes from a place of kindness, a place of wanting to do good and I think Mira, Royal Detective gives a very inspiring message for a lot of young change makers out there. That you can do what you want with grit and power and courage, but you don’t have to lose your kindness while doing it.”

The show premiered on FRIDAY, MARCH 20 (11:00 a.m. EDT/PDT on Disney Channel and 7:00 p.m. EDT/PDT on Disney Junior) in USA. Disney Channel India also did a joint premiere, to give a sneak-peek that same day, followed by the entire series premiering on Sunday, March 22.

Catch the adventures of Mira and her friends every Sunday on Disney channel


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