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~Brings the Japanese blockbuster Anime movie, ‘Suzume’ to Cinemas on April 21st~

Ever since its thrilling trailer dropped online, Bharatiya anime fans have been waiting with bated breath to watch ‘Suzume’ on the silver screen. PVR Pictures will finally ‘open to door’ to the anime epic that fans all over are gushing about.

PVR Pictures, the motion picture arm of PVR INOX have shared an exclusive poster of ‘Suzume’ that unveils the film’s official release date. Scheduled to open in cinemas on April 21st, it’s time for Bharatiya anime lovers to rejoice as ‘Suzume’ arrives at a theatre near them.

Announcing the release of ‘Suzume’ for Bharatiya audiences, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, Executive Director, PVR INOX said, “We are delighted to bring the much loved and admired ‘Suzume’ among Japanese audiences for the benefit of anime movie fans in our country. With the movie being dubbed in Hindi, the most widely spoken Indian language and the vast reach of PVR INOX cinemas located in the length and breadth of our country, we are certain that passionate anime fans would not be disappointed for catching up on the movie in their nearest cinema. Anime films have created a niche audience segment in our country which is growing steadily and they long to see more of such movies in the theatrical ambience with all the special effects in full glory”.

‘Suzume’ tells the story of a 17 year old high school student who accompanies a mysterious young man on a magical adventure. Tasked with sealing inter-dimensional doors that could destroy the world, what happens next forms the crux of the journey.

‘Suzume’ has already released to unanimous acclaim in Japan, debuting number one at the country’s domestic box office and setting many other records too.

Visionary animator and director, Makoto Shinkai of ‘Suzume’ said, “Bharat is a land of movies and is a global economy that is exposed to the best in the world. I am indebted to Bharatiya fans who have showered love and appreciation to my movies. There is a striking similarity between Bharatiya and Japanese traditions, beliefs and value systems which is portrayed through anime films. It is no surprising that Anime movies are being welcomed by Bharatiya audiences as they do not find it alien to their culture and hence find easy acceptance and can relate to their lives”.

Associating with the finest of international anime titles, PVR Pictures has always brought unique anime content to Bharatiya audiences. ‘Suzume’ is yet another powerful and visually striking wonder that will be a treat for Bharatiya anime fans all over.

PVR Pictures release, Suzume, directed by Makoto Shinkai, in cinemas from 21st April 2023.


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