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You know they love all things tech and wouldn’t mind being gifted something unique, what's more, it will help you two capture some fun memories together. What is this gift? Snap's Spectacles 3, the company's latest AR glasses. These smart glasses come with two cameras on board so you can u take 3D photos or videos hands-free and on the move, as well as applying Snap's 3D lenses making the content you capture completely unique. As one of the most innovative wearable gadgets, we are sure that this will be an interesting accessory to have during your fun getaways, and if you want to relive them, they also come with a 3D viewer, so you can jump back into memories from your own perspective We have shared more information for you below.

Features: Spectacles 3 are equipped with two HD cameras to capture Snaps in 3D and transform them with 3D Effects, inspiring creativity like never before.

Snaps captured using Spectacles 3 seamlessly transfer in HD to Memories within Snapchat to add new lighting, landscapes, and other magical effects to an entire scene with a swipe. Snaps can also export to Camera Roll as circular, horizontal, square and virtual reality formats for saving, editing, sharing, and reliving, anywhere.

Design: Spectacles 3 feature a strong, lightweight steel frame with circular lenses and adjustable acetate tips.

Spectacles 3 come in two colour options:

● Carbon: a classic, monochromatic black with a semi-matte finish and high-gloss details.

● Mineral: a tone inspired by cosmetic hues with a hint-of-gold frame.

Functionality: Tap either button for video (up to 60 seconds continuously) or press and hold for a still. Spectacles 3 supplements high-definition videos with high-fidelity audio from a 4-microphone array. LED indicator lights notify people when recording, and users will see a light as well.

Accessories: Spectacles 3 charge on-the-go in their included Charging Case, which can store up to four charges. The full-grain leather case folds flat when not in use and comes equipped with a standard certified USB-C charging cable.

Also included is a 3D viewer to relive memories and bring Snaps to life.


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