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Why Spider-Man will always be my Superhero? By Tiger Shroff

As a kid, certain things become etched in our memory. Spider- Man is one of them. I remember being overawed by this socially awkward, amazingly agile and very human super-hero character, who no one gave a second look as Peter Parker. A young boy raring to go, willing to push the limits and not give up come what may, Spider-Man was not just aspirational but very real. That’s why I have grown up loving him and dream of playing the role as part of my cinematic journey. My dream came half-true when I got a chance to dub for Spider-Man in Hindi for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This Friday, when the film releases, I hope you see what I saw in this family entertainer, apart from its jaw-dropping action sequences, humour and drama, the story of a high-schooler itching to wear the big boots to take on massively formidable villains, as he risks it all. A hero excitedly waiting for his turn to join the big boys club of superheroes and willing to go to any length to prove himself.

The movie reminded me of my own journey as well, as I am pushing boundaries, taking up new and bigger challenges that will help me hone my craft and enable me to get ready for the exciting journey that lies ahead. After all, there is a little Spidey in all of us!


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