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South Korea has decided to relax the coronavirus-related restrictions in the country from the next week as the new cases have decreased massively over the past few weeks.

As per the new guidelines, a few rules around social distancing will be relaxed which will result in nightclubs in re-opening. Karaoke bars and buffets will also be allowed to stay open till late.

Following the new guidelines, the sports enthusiasts will also be able to attend sports events in the stadiums and open places now. Stadiums are allowed to have 30 per cent attendance now. This decision has come at a time when people had been itching to go back to attending the famous Korea Baseball Organization League.

"We will lower the level of social distancing nationwide but maintain controls on risk factors such as the door-to-door sales industry," Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun told a meeting on Sunday.

"Many citizens are feeling fatigue over prolonged distancing, and we also took its negative impact on the economy into consideration."

The decision has been taken after the daily infections decreased from 400 to double-digits.

While the relaxation has been welcomed by the locals, the Health Minister Park Neung-hoo has also warned citizens to exercise caution. "We all know from past experiences that any slight carelessness could lead to another large-scale spread of the virus," he said.


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