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New Delhi - The Union Cabinet on Tuesday unveiled the Agnipath scheme, a transformative move to modernise the country’s armed forces, create opportunities for the youth to serve the nation, and via soldiering, create a large pool of skilled youth who can contribute to Bharat’s overall defence preparedness, as well with their skills and experience create opportunities for themselves and contribute to the growth of the economy.

Skill India and the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) are proud to be associated with the Agnipath scheme and will work closely with the Armed Forces in the implementation of the programme as the country prepares a future-ready army of young Bharatiyas.

Skill India and MSDE will work collaboratively with various wings of the Armed Forces to train the students in additional skills to make them better suited to these job roles.

Besides, all Agniveers will get Skill India certification while in service, which will enable them to pursue many diverse opportunities in entrepreneurship and job roles that are being created in our economy after completion of their tenure.

All organisations of Skill India — Directorate General of Training (DGT), National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), various Sector Skill Councils, entrepreneurship institutes NIESBUD and IIE, as well as skills regulator NCVET, will be connected with this exercise to ensure that Agniveers get the required skill certifications related to their job roles while in service. Some skills learnt on the job may have direct equivalence with NSQF syllabus. For some, complimenting their on-the-job experience with additional online or offline, theory or hands-on skills may be required. These details, as well as any training for trainers of Armed Forces, and training assessors, preferably from the Forces, for assessing and certifying — all these aspects are being worked out. At the time of exit, the entire skill ecosystem will be open to these young Agniveers who will benefit from the several upskilling/multi-skilling training and entrepreneurship courses available to them.

The Agnipath scheme is a transformative one. It will result in the creation of a tech-savvy, young workforce, along with core values of our military like nation-first, which are vital for Bharat’s continued growth and progress. The Agniveers will become assets both in the defence of our borders and in taking Bharat closer to becoming a modern, technology-led, young global superpower.


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