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~ A collaborative project between Tips Films & Abhishek Dudhaiya has moved from web series to a theatrical release ~

Originally the collaboration started as a web series between Tips Films Ltd. and Abhishek Dudhaiya, but Ajmer Files will be made into a feature film and released in theatres. With audiences' preference for theatres to experience stories on a larger-than-life scale, many filmmakers are choosing to tell their stories through the silver screen.

This fictionalized film is an interpretation of the real-life events of the 1992 Ajmer rape and blackmail scandal that had gripped the nation in fear & horror. The makers of the film felt it was apt for a release on the silver screen with the interesting storyline and the cast considered bringing it to life.

Kumar Taurani - MD & Chairman of Tips Industries Limited, said, "From a strategic point of view, this is an amazing opportunity for us since the audiences are hungry to experience movies in theatres as it provides an opportunity to move beyond the doors of office & home. We are happy to be co-producing the film with Abhishek Dudhaiya. The storyline is carefully crafted to duplicate real-life events."

Further expanding on the film and the association, Abhishek Dudhaiya said, “This is our first co-production with Tips Films. We’re happy and excited to work on Ajmer Files. The scripting is almost complete and the story is very touching to the core. Now that this is being made for the big screen, I have no doubts that it will captivate the audience.”


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