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This season witnessed an array of models sashaying down the runway in Designer Rohit Verma’s exclusive collection ‘Sindoor Khela’ that spotlights crusaders of several social atrocities against women. Ample Missiion Foundation who initiated this movement of Gender Inclusivity, took it a notch higher in the second edition. The most significant highlight of the show was taking the cause to the next level from 2019; adding to the earlier show; first of its kind for transwoman, this time the ramp witnessed Acid Attack Survivors, TransWomen flaunting the beautiful collection with their confidence and grace.

Along with professional runway models, the show also included inspiring personalities who stand as a classic example of how women have taken to the world and risen like a phoenix from all atrocities that they were put through time and again. These women are proud of their identity and their stories because how they dealt with what was thrown to them and how they traversed those situations beautifully is what defines them. Some of these inspiring individuals were Vishal Aditya Singh, Rashmi Desai ( renowned TV personalities), artist Kalpana Gandhi and among many other names like Zakira Shaikh who is an acid attack survivor, Ganga Julie and Sonu, who represented trans gender community on the ramp. Actress Urvashi Rautela walked as the Showstopper, summarizing the entire concept of strength and valor for making her own space in Bollywood, hailing from the hills of Uttarakhand.

Founder of Ample Mission Dr.Aneel Kashi Murarka said, “Rohit’s collection truly brings out the power that vests within, we witnessed that on the ramp. The society can really progress when we learn to accept our differences and start looking past them. Everyone deserves equal opportunities, equal rights and it is our duty as citizens to support this equality. It was an honour for Ample Mission to curate this show it was lovely witnessing such strong and talented women on the runway.”

Designer Rohit Verma's collection is a celebration of women strength and grace. The color palette of the collection revolvs around whites & reds and is made using Tussar Silk and mainly hand woven fabrics. When asked about his new collection in helping to eradicate social atrocities against women, he said "These clothes will make them feel strong and powerful. It was great to see my collection on the runway, the models looked stunning in my designs, especially the whites and reds since those are the colors that signify power. I want my collection to give women the strength to own the world while making them look great.”

Urvashi Rautela showed her support by walking as a show stopper and expressed her delight saying, “It was lovely walking for such a beautiful cause and sharing the ramp with such inspiring personalities felt extremely empowering. The collection by Rohit Verma was a delight to wear and a Big Thank you to Ample Mission for making this possible.”

Ample Mission aims to spread the message that we are now more aware of our rights and morals as citizens and we perceive everyone as equal, regardless of their gender or social stature. This collection aims to challenge the norms that have been laid out by the society for women. These are the same norms that have never been questioned despite being very unfair and at times excruciatingly troublesome for women to deal with.


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