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All of us have challenges and we talk so much about women empowerment, supporting women in all possible ways, for instance, supporting their passion, supporting women of all sizes, and much more; but there is no true empowerment until women's sense of self-worth; their right to have and to determine choices; their right to have access to opportunities and resources; their right to have power to control their own lives; are a given to a woman both within and outside her home. This is what Arpita Gedam believes in and makes a way of her life.

Mother, Dentist and a Model; this is an inspiring story of “Arpita Gedam”, a driven and a passionate woman. She has always been a staunch believer of “nothing is impossible”. Her hard work and dedication have made her achieve a good position professionally and she cherishes her small family comprising her husband and two kids.

Arpita is a Dental Hygienist in the USA. She has worked with multiple dental practices in the United States, promoting from her starting role of a dental assistant to now a full time Dental Hygienist. Arpita’s story is proof of how passion, purpose and family support can change the world. She has always believed in and ensured her work–life balance.

She was born in a small city in Bharat. When she moved to the USA there were moments when she felt shy and faced challenges adapting to the new environment, but her husband, Abhas, supported her in building self-confidence. She believes that none of her success would have been possible without her husband’s support.

Being a strong woman, Arpita never lost her passion for working towards her dental career and modeling profession and worked on both goals and passion with the same zeal. Recently, Arpita walked in NYFW Runway as a model for celebrity fashion designer Anjali Phougat Coutures “Designer Dream Collection” and her photos are getting featured in multiple top media publications along with Time Square billboard as a role model.

“Arpita shines as a goddess, rising after sundown, erasing all stigmas eclipsing her, and fearlessly pouring her light to everyone around her”. This quote was written about Arpita in her Community’s Monthly Magazine Publication.

We all should never give up in life and remember dreams do come true. This is what Arpita believes in and symbolizes to everyone who know her.


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