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Zee TV has been a trend-setter in shaping television content over the past three decades. After introducing audiences to several relatable characters who have emerged as the country's most sought-after dinner-table companions and their inspiring stories, the channel is all set to introduce another narrative that will question the traditional roles set aside for women in every Bharatiya household.

Zee TV’s next primetime drama 'Meet' let’s viewers in on the journey of a spirited young girl from Haryana - Meet who, contrary to a popular perception that only a son can be a ghar ka chiraag, is the ghar 'ki' chirag for her family. Not only is she the sole breadwinner, but also breaks societal rule books of gender roles by serving as a delivery agent and generally being the 'fixer' in any and every situation that typically a guy is expected to be ... She's not a rebel ... It's just that her authentic approach towards life doesn’t include investing undue time and energy in her personal grooming only to fit her family's ideals of a "suitable girl". Instead, she believes in getting her hands dirty and getting the job done! She often quips in her Haryanvi andaaz, "Jimmedari ko ke pata use nibhane wala chhora hai ke chori"

Popular television actress Ashi Singh will play the title role of Meet and her fans will be thrilled to see her in this all-new avatar. Talking about her character and the show, Ashi said, “I feel Meet is a very unique show that brings forth a very pertinent subject for society to think about. It is high time we look past gender stereotypes and let people be their authentic selves ... It shouldn't matter if a person fulfilling a certain responsibility is a man or a woman. In the show, a daughter is taking the responsibility of the family just like a male member would have, especially the son. My character Meet is far from a rebel. She isn’t consciously trying to break rules, but she ends up doing so just by being who she is. She sees a sea of responsibility ahead of her and chooses to take charge of the situations life throws at her, instead of waiting for a man to come by and find her a solution. I am very excited to explore this character’s journey because I feel as an actor, it holds a lot of potentials for me to grow. While Ashi and Meet are poles apart from each other, I just hope that my performance is convincing and connects with viewers. I look forward to lots of love and support from the viewers.”

Aa rahi Meet badalne duniya ki reet, jald hi Zee TV par!


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