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Central Railway’s Railway Protection Force is battling Coronavirus leading from the front standing shoulder to shoulder with Railway authorities, Medical department, State Police, and Civic administration apart from protecting the vital installations, assets and other railway properties. They are also contributing immensely to the much-needed work of Awareness Campaign, Food Distribution, Production of Sanitizers and Masks to combat Covid-19.

During lockdown assets like coaches, locomotives, stabled rakes, yards, signalling infrastructure, stations, relay rooms, goods sheds, wagon stock etc are guarded and ensured safety whether in use or not, and keeping an eye 24x 7 on all fixed & moving assets. During this time, Indian Railways have stopped the movement of passenger services as a strategy to combat the widespread of corona virus but the goods trains’ movements to transport essential items, medicines are still being done to ensure uninterrupted supply chain of the items throughout the nation.

Protecting & guarding the Railway Properties, Goods, Parcels, Essential Items is a challenge during this lockdown for the RPF Officials. However, understanding Central Railway’s crucial role during this difficult time, many of its staff working silently are putting brave efforts in this strenuous and most difficult time. Each Goods/Parcel trains en-route to its destination is guarded by Railway Protection Force Personnel.

Mr. N. S. Rathod, Head Constable and Commandant R. K. Saini, RPF are such silent warriors during this lockdown, guarding & ensuring the smooth movement of essential items and medicines in this crucial time. Mr. Rathod escorted Special Parcel Trains from CSMT to Lonavala and back guarding another Parcel special, whereas Shri Saini guarded Special Parcel Trains to Nasik and back, without knowing the time of returning back. During this lockdown time, these silent warriors put several work hours defying normal working hours not knowing when they will be back to their barracks, the place they live.

Leaving their families at native and giving their everything and being committed to safeguard to reach the essentials to the millions of citizens make them the silent warriors combating against Covid-19.


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