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This weekend marked the grand launch of a brand new brewery pub in the city called 'Hapi Brewing Co.' that offers multifarious flavors of craft beer alongside delish food and amazing ambience. Popular celebs including Shreyas Talpade, Zoya Afroz, Santosh Shukla, Monica Bedi, Kavita Kaushik, Ishita Vyas, Kapil Khandelwala, Vinod Singh, Avantika Khattri and many more thronged all the way to Dahisar to experience this one-of-its-kind place.

"Hapi is your happy place where one can unwind, chill and enjoy craft beer straight from the brewhouse with installations of new and smart dispensing technology. There is a modern bar area with creative wall arts and the main lounge area overlooking brewing house elevating the fresh beer experience for you" echo the owners Santosh Puthran, Arvind Shetty & Dhananjay Naik.

Hapi Gold (hefeweizen), Hapi Rize (lager), Hapi Red (Irish red ale), Hapi Cider (apple cider), are some of the popular flavors which are paired with tasteful cuisine alongside electrifying live performances, gigs by seasoned musicians & DJ's. Mark it on your must-visit party place in Mumbai.


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