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Meet Shilpa Thakre, the young actress-model, who's famous as Expression Queen on Tiktok. Her cute & naughty expression-videos on Marathi songs are loved by millions of fans across Maharashtra & overseas. This hidden gem is found all thanks to various social apps like Tiktok & Like Videos. In today's digital world, these apps pushed her talent all over the world.

It was started in 2017, when The Chinese short-music video app has taken the world by storm, was downloaded more than 1.2 billion times across Android and iOS. The massively popular app, particularly among people under 30, allowed users to upload sketches and lip-syncing Expressions music videos with tunes and sound effects from app gallery.

Through such apps, the audience can share their favorite videos on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and more through the in-app options. Initially even Shilpa was one them who tried to create some video content just for fun as a novelty factor. She created around 4-5 videos on TikTok & LIKE and soon forgot all about them. But these videos made by Shilpa were loved by millions of her fans and gave her an altogether a new identity of 'Maharahstrachi Expression Queen!'

Currently Shilpa has millions of followers on all social media platforms as well as hundreds of fake profile pages and fan clubs. You can find her hundreds of profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, like and many more apps which one or the other show her popularity. Even a few of these apps used her cute videos as promotional videos on their platform to attract more audiences. Due to this type of extraordinary fame, Shilpa has bagged total 4 films as a lead role.

Last year she performed in Zee Yuva Channel's Dance reality show Apsara Aali as well. Just recently her fifth film, 'Triple Seat' released where she acted as the sister of Marathi Superstar Ankush Choudhary. Shilpa is now preparing for Maharashtra State-level Drama competition, which will be held in Mumbai in December. She is performing lead character in the play called 'Sari Ratra' written by Badal Sarkar translated by P. L. Deshpande for this competition.

When asked about future plan, Shilpa Thakre says, 'Although I am getting different types of offers but I am in no hurry to sign new projects. I am thinking seriously about my career graph.

I wish to push my boundaries as a performer. So, at the moment, I want to focus on improving my acting skills.'


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