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Zee TV’s popular fiction show, Kumkum Bhagya has been an audience favourite courtesy of its intriguing plot and the authentic portrayal of relatable characters like Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), Pragya (Sriti Jha), Rhea (Pooja Banerjee), Aaliya (Reyhnaa Pandit), Tanu (Leena Jumani), Ranbir (Krishna Kaul) and Prachi (Mugdha Chapekar). While Leena Jumani is one of the most popular actors since the beginning and her character of Tanu is iconic, did you know that the actress got into the Hindi Television Industry by chance? In fact, the actress had taken up a quite unique career choice, before her chance foray into acting.

While Leena Jumani had worked in the Gujarati Film Industry as a teenager, she revealed how she started working at the Stock Market after her graduation to support her family. With no connection to the Hindi Film and Television industry, she did not think about pursuing her acting career any further.

Talking about her journey Leena Jumani shares, "I was only 16 when I was offered an opportunity in the Gujarati Film industry. From a very young age, I wanted to support my family in any way possible and with acting being my passion, I took it up instantly. However, after my brief journey in the Gujarati Film Industry, I started working at the Stock Market. I wanted to support my family as much as I could and I got a really good role at MCX, so I took it up. It was pretty exciting, and I did well, but my passion continued to be acting. I do it because I love acting and I don't consider it as a job.'

While Leena Jumani’s incredible journey might have impressed you, her on-screen character - Tanu will keep you at the edge of your seats as she plots something evil to take everything away from Pragya. But will she be able to create a rift between Abhi and Pragya with Aaliya's help? Or will Abhi and Pragya come closer as destined?

To know all this and more, tune in to Kumkum Bhagya every Monday to Friday at 9 pm only on Zee TV


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