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Mumbai - Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (MLL), one of Bharat’s largest Third-Party Logistics (3PL) solution providers has scaled up its operations to meet the festive season demand by ramping up hiring and expanding capacity. The company plans to recruit more than 14000 employees on a seasonal basis adding to its third-party workforce.

During the upcoming festive season, the company is adding solutions like pop-up facilities across 8 major cities in Bharat aggregating to 1.1 million sq. ft. These additions are for its e-commerce customers spanning across fulfilment center, sort center and returns processing centers, which would ensure efficient and timely delivery to customers.

Besides this, the company has also increased its last mile reach by opening multiple last-mile delivery centers across the country. These centres are equipped to deliver more than 100,000 shipments per day for small as well as large packages.

Under its electric delivery brand EDEL, MLL will also be procuring different types and classes of electric vehicles from OEMs as it establishes a pan-Bharat EV presence. EDel’s portfolio has been extended to 400 vehicles and would be operating across 12 major cities in Bharat which includes Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bhagyanagar, Kolkata, among others. It also plans to scale it up to 500 EV’s subjected contingent upon delivery and registration.

Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan, Managing Director and CEO, Mahindra Logistics Limited, said, “One of the challenges faced during this festive period is the spike (3X to 5X) across categories for a very short span of time. Rapid scale-down, after the festive peak, only adds to the complexity. The key lever to manage peaks is meticulous planning. At MLL, we have created temporary capacity across the supply chain for various inputs like manpower, space, equipment, vehicles etc. We have

also deepened our focus by launching new solutions like returns processing, pop-up sort centers and integrated distribution services for our clients. Being an asset-light company, we use our network of business partners for transportation and delivery. We work in a collaborative way with our customers and business partners to handle these challenges.”


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