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New Delhi - The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) organised a five-day-long self-defence workshop for all its women employees, in partnership with Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure Skill Council (SPEFL-SC). The participants were trained in self-defence techniques, mental agility and being aware of their surroundings to avoid possible danger.

The team of professional trainers from SPEFL-SC had also conducted combat training for Central Armed Police Force, anti-terrorist squads deployed in states, Delhi Police trainers, and female recruits across defence organisations.

More than 50 women employees of the ministry participated in the session, which commenced on March 28, 2022. The main objective of the workshop was to make women mindful of their security and instil confidence to deal with any unforeseen situations. The training modules also taught them to be mentally strong in potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations.

Upon completion, the participants were awarded certificates by Shri Rajesh Aggarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Those who wished to pursue next level training were also promised continued support.

Lauding the initiative, Shri Aggarwal said, "I am glad to see our female staff exuberating with an increased level of confidence and realizing the potential that they always had to fight the unknown. Training our women in self-defence techniques will not only boost their confidence but also add to their overall personality development. Each one here should realize that this workshop is just the beginning of a regime that they should imbibe in their daily lives. I am indeed very proud that we have set the ball rolling and encourage other ministries and organisations to join the cause.”

Women participants said that this training session has not only instilled confidence in them but also changed their own perspective about themselves.

The government has introduced several initiatives to empower women and garner their full participation in realising the New Bharat Vision. Today, women have shown inner fortitude and self-confidence and made themselves self-reliant.


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