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Nearly 80 per cent of Republicans want former President Donald Trump to run in the US election 2024 as per a new poll.

The survey conducted by Quinnipiac University shows that Trump enjoys robust backing by the Republican Party or the GOP.

However, 94 per cent of Democrats believe running again in 2024 will be a waste of time for Trump. This opinion was also supported by 58 independents in the opinion poll.

Meanwhile, GOP Senator Bill Cassidy said in an interview that he will not vote for Trump if decides to run again in the next election.

Earlier, a UK-based betting exchange company called Smarkets has predicted that Trump, for the first time, has edged ahead of his predecessor Joe Biden.

It had also been predicted that Trump has the highest chances of winning the 2024 election and returning to the White House.

Biden who is the second place with 19 per cent votes as per a poll conducted by the website, is followed by Vice-President Kamala Harris with 13 per cent votes.

Poking fun at Biden, Trump's spokesperson, Liz Harrington had asked on social media, ''How’s Biden doing? Do you miss me yet?"

Trump has hinted at a possible presidential run in 2024, attacking Biden and repeating his fraudulent claims he won the 2020 election.

Trump's flirtation with another run could freeze the Republican field for 2024 as other potential candidates try to decide whether they will have to compete against him.

Meanwhile, a US congressional committee probing the deadly January 6 assault on the Capitol voted unanimously in favour of contempt-of-Congress charges against Steve Bannon, a longtime aide to Trump.

The seven Democratic and two Republican members of the House of Representatives Select Committee approved a report recommending the criminal charge by a unanimous 9-0 vote, calling it "shocking" that Bannon refused to comply with subpoenas seeking documents and testimony.

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