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Orient Electric Limited, part of the diversified USD 2.4 billion CK Birla Group, has launched its new range of energy efficient inverter air coolers powered by ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology that provides up to 50% savings on energy and electricity cost. With the addition of new models, the company now offers one of the widest air coolers line-up in the industry with models catering to every need and space.

Orient’s coolers range also includes smart air coolers which are IoT-enabled, work on Wi-Fi and can also be controlled by voice. The company is eyeing 25 per cent market share in the air cooler segment in the next two years.

Rakesh Khanna, MD & CEO, Orient Electric Limited said, “Across our entire product portfolio we are working on to bring in innovative products which are healthier, safer, energy efficient, and add convenience to life. India’s energy and electricity demand continues to grow and thus arises the pressing need for energy efficiency and conservation. Our new range of energy saving ECMT powered inverter air coolers is another step in the same direction.

These coolers have been developed based on the strong consumer need identification of energy efficiency with 50% power savings, high-thrust air delivery, silent operation and convenience of control through IoT & voice controls. Inverter technology in coolers will not only help in saving the environment but by a modest assumption I can say that India can save up to 9200 GWh electricity i.e. around Rs. 7350 crores annually*, if all air coolers installed in the country are replaced with inverter technology-based air-coolers.”

Salil Kappoor, Business Head, Home Appliances, Orient Electric Limited said, “We are one the fastest growing brands in the air coolers segment in the country and are proud to be the first in India to introduce ECMT powered Inverter air coolers. Unlike conventional induction motors, the electronically commutated motors have voltage rectifiers and electronic control circuit which eliminates friction and motor noise, thus enhancing service life while consuming less than 50% electricity as compared to induction motors. They work well even in low and fluctuating voltages and each cooler helps save around Rs. 1500/- in a year in electricity bill*.”

He further said, “We are focussed on making consumers’ experiences better and life easier while offering them pride of ownership with stylish designs. This year we are launching coolers in different capacities and materials with a special focus on Southern markets which have shown steady growth in demand in the last few years. We have a strong pan India presence and we are now aggressively working to ramp-up our presence and penetration in the Southern markets. The idea is to provide consumers with the widest range and to ensure that our products are available widely in this region. Our new inverter coolers promise a significant reduction in electricity bills for consumers while also helping the nation to reduce carbon footprint.”

Available in varying tank capacities ranging from 8-litre to 105-litre, Orient air coolers have been designed to suit varied aesthetic preferences, evolving needs and usage environments. Some of the key features of Orient’s inverter air coolers are super-efficient motor, Honeycomb pads with DenseNest technology ensuring 25% more cooling, fan blades with AeroFan technology for longest air delivery with low operating noise, Auto Fill function, Humidity control and Anti mosquito breeding features.

Select models are equipped with IoT technology which makes adds convenience of control via Orient Smart mobile application and with voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant. Pricing for Orient air coolers starts at Rs. 5190.

The company also plans to start its advertising campaign in the month of March, starting from South India and then amplifying it in other parts of India in the month of April.


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