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The ongoing SATTVA 2023, the annual youth festival of NMIMS (Mukesh Patel School of Technology and Management Engineering), is attracting students across colleges in large numbers. On the second day of the fest, Ronnie Rodrigues, owner and principal sponsor of SATTVA 2023, attended it as a Special Guest. He was accompanied by beautiful Prerna Chauhan, famous music director Dilip Sen and ace choreographer and dancer Sandeep Soparkar.

On this occasion Ronnie Rodrigues said, “The youth is the future of our nation and I always support youth power. You should believe in hard work and your talent will get recognised sooner or later. Coming here reminds me of my college days. The energy in the atmosphere here is contagious and I am filled with youthful energy. The talent on display here is marvellous and I wish all you good luck for your future.”

Music composer Dilip Sen said, “Though I am known as a music director, I was a dance master before that. I used to teach dancing to children. Coming here is making me nostalgic about those days. Through such festivals, new talent gets tapped and I sincerely thank Mr Ronnie Rodrigues for backing this youth fest. Certainly it’ll motivate students to do better in whatever they are good at. A youth fest like this gives us an opportunity to get exposed to the the music from all corners of our country. Today’s film songs are short lived while people still remember Sameer Sen-Dilip Sen’s songs from the nineties. So keep working hard and sincerely.” Mr Rodrigues added here that music is essential in one’s life as it helps in happiness as well as sadness.

Choreographer Sandeep Soparrkar said, “Coming here reminds me of my college days. Although there were not so many programs in our times. Today’s youngsters are progressive enough and they present their talent openly. I would like to thank Mr. Ronnie Rodrigues for inviting me and also backing this wonderful event. There is a lot of positive energy around. The way the singers, musicians and dancers presented the performances here, it is really wonderful. Due to internet and digital revolution, today’s youngsters, especially from smaller places, get an opportunity to learn many things and hone their talent. So all of you, train hard and rehearse sincerely to enhance your talent, success will follow.”

Looking very beautiful, Prerna Chauhan said, “I am overwhelmed coming here. I am a college student myself. Seeing this performances from my colleagues, I am getting a lot of motivation. I thank Ronnie sir for giving me this opportunity to be here. New talent is emerging through college fests like this. Ronnie sir is actually giving wings to the spirits of our young generation by sponsoring such events.”

Cinebuster Magazine’s Ronnie Rodrigues will give the winning college team a special gift in the form of a stay in a luxury 5 star hotel for 3 nights and 4 days with food and air travel between Mumbai to Goa and back.

The responsibility of media promotions was handled by Munde Media PR.


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