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Eco Tourism is progressively making a mark in Israel as tourists are flocking to the ancient civilisation to relish its bountiful natural retreats. Whether it is about staying in a converted eco-bus, being an eco-volunteer or enjoying a technology free, organic B&B offering alternative therapies, one can find a plethora of green tourism options in Israel

  • Collective and cooperative communities like kibbutz and moshav practice organic farming, recycling and host programs in eco-tourism. Enjoy eco-study, eco-hikes, meditation, relaxation, natural therapies and healthy cuisine in tandem with the chance to live with these communities

  • Ditch the luxury hotels and stay in exciting eco-friendly accommodation and Bedouin-style tents; Cabins in the Mist in the Golan Heights offer hand-built, 'technology free' wooden cabins surrounded by organic cherry orchards while Succah in the Desert near the world’s largest natural erosion crater - Makhtesh Ramon, offers biblical-style guest huts with solar-powered lighting

  • Facing the 'Golan Heights' and snowy slopes of Mount Hermon and located in a Nature Reserve filled with springs, rivulets and the Rivers Dan, Hatzbani and Banias, the Kibbutz Hotel has embraced eco-tourism in greening through nature preservation, alongside recycling, energy-saving measures and environment-friendly systems. Its 204 rooms include the "Koren Stream House" rooms with soothing sounds and views of the flowing Koren stream nearby

  • Israel is known for its 'desert tourism' experience in a Bedouin desert camp in the heart of the Negev desert. Immerse yourself in native Bedouin hospitality where guests are treated like local royalty with delicious Bedouin meals, fun camel rides and overnight stay in traditional Bedouin tents

  • The first leg of an 80-mile Sea of Galilee Mountain Bike Trail was recently unveiled providing free access to the nature reserves and beaches surrounding the area wherein travellers can rent mountain bicycles with helmets and receive guidance from the trail's professional bikers

  • Swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat where swimmers are escorted in small groups without boats or propeller vehicles creating a genuine immersive experience whilst protecting the mammal’s freedom without being intrusive

  • Enjoy a scenic hike to Ein Avdat valley surrounded by canyons, springs and white limestone mountains and descend into the Arava Valley via the Scorpion Trail, one of Israel’s most spectacular scenic roads

  • 3 million years old and the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea in Israel is one of the saltiest water bodies on the planet creating the bucket list experience of floating. Considered as the world’s largest natural spa, double dip in the mineral-packed waters, slather therapeutic mud, soak in the healing sun and enjoy one of the best wellness experiences in the world


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