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New Delhi - Skill India, under Technical Intern Training Program (TITP), has sent a cohort of more than 100 students since March 2022 to Japan, as the country relaxed travel restrictions for foreigners. TITP, a program launched by Japan, accepts overseas interns to get on-the-job training. Bharat and Japan had inked an MoU for promoting international cooperation through the transfer of skills, techniques, and knowledge. Amongst 100 interns, 40% are women. The candidates will get the opportunity to hone their skills with leading Japanese organisations in prominent sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, construction, textile, agriculture, and food manufacturing. Under the program, they will draw average monthly stipend of Rs. 1 lakh – Rs 1.4 lakhs.

The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is the nodal agency for managing TITP in Bharat, working under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. NSDC has empanelled 35 Sending Organizations in Bharat and is working towards empanelling more deserving organizations, to give impetus to the program. These Sending Organizations are tasked with awareness creation, mobilization, orientation and training of candidates to learn Japanese language, culture, business etiquettes, and also supports candidates’ stay in Japan.

Commenting about TITP, Ved Mani Tiwari, COO and Officiating CEO, NSDC said, “Globalisation and technological transformation have accelerated the demand for skilled personnel across the world. Businesses around the world are struggling to meet the demand for talented workers, prompting Bharat to expedite its efforts to make India the ‘Skill Capital’ of the world by equipping youth with new-age skills to meet this demand. We are striving to create an ‘employment ready’ Bharat by reaping the demographic dividend of the young labour force and equipping them with in-demand job training. We believe that these young students will act as ambassadors for Bharatiya talent and will inspire others to take up skill training for better prospects.


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