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Poet Nirmika Singh has collaborated with A.R. Rahman on a one-of-a-kind global project. The result is the powerful Hindi poem “Kuch Aise Badley Duniya (May the World Change in Such a Way).” Set to Rahman’s mellifluous piano accompaniment, Singh’s poem is a call to all to conserve and celebrate the world we inhabit. Singh chose “Kuch Aise Badley Duniya” for this special collaboration because it carries an urgent and emotive appeal to people to reimagine the world. Moving and transformational, the poem is an important parable of change for our times. This collaboration also brings together many different worlds — the poetic and the musical, the established and the emerging, the veteran and the millennial.

Representing Bharat, the poet addresses the planet in this performance. Her poem, “Kuch Aise Badley Duniya,” explores the themes of freedom, peace, climate change, love and evolution. As Rahman’s delicate piano notes resound, Singh’s gentle voice nudges ears all over the world to become conscious; to strive for a healthy and happy life that is free of injustice, prejudice and fear. Scenes of nature, harmony and education interweave between the music and poetry of the performance, invoking a universal fellowship of respect, art and tranquillity. This world after all is ours.

Says Nirmika Singh about collaborating with A.R. Rahman for the Firdaus Sessions, “This collaboration is very precious to me. Rahman sir’s music, artistry and creative ethics are a huge influence on me, and I’m grateful for his mentorship. His guidance helped me understand the delicacy and nuances of expression, delivery and performance. I hope this poem urges listeners to observe the world around them with a keener eye and empathetic intention. May the world change in such a way that we all live a rewarding life.”

Previously, Nirmika and A.R. Rahman had collaborated on the anthem song for the Marvel movie, The End Game. Rahman had said, “Nirmika understands modern sensibilities and is also well-versed in the world of poetry and songwriting without letting go of the old soul of Hindi and Urdu poetry – I think she does all this with ease!”

Conceptualised by A.R. Rahman and the newly established Firdaus Studio in Dubai, this collaboration is a part of Firdaus Sessions which feature a mesmerising blend of poetry and musical improvisation. Singh leaves a memorable mark in the world with “Kuch Aise Badley Duniya.” Up next, listeners can expect special collaborations and releases from the poet known

for her popular #AurSuno Hindi poetry series.


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