~ Created by a Team as Diverse as the Country Itself! ~

American Actor & Musician Alexx ONell's surprise release 'A Bhagwad Gita Song' pulls listeners into the magical & mystical verses of the Bhagwad Gita in its original Sanskrit. The unplugged, modern and melodic song and music video present a few of the most fundamental ideas from the epic poem in a unique way that has rarely, if ever, been attempted before.

Alexx, who garnered appreciation from across the globe for his portrayal of Bob Wilson in his most recent release 'Aarya', asserts "I spent months with the Bhagwad Gita in my hand, reciting & memorizing some of its most beautiful shlokas with music director Vishal Khurana’s captivating adaptation in my ears. To this day, these shlokas speak to me at the most unexpected times with such an inspiring and reassuring message, that I felt compelled to set them to music."

Indeed, while the first season of Aarya ended with the Bhagwad Gita on Bob’s lips, months later, it's clear that it has not left Alexx’s heart.

For 'A Bhagwad Gita Song' Alexx initially wanted to get the full 'Drishti' band (curated by Director Ram Madhvani for the series) together again, but because of the current scenario, just getting singer Delraaz to collaborate on the song and video from a distance of 7,000 km proved challenging enough. "After I composed the melody and the structure of the song, Debarpito Saha [Music Director well known for 'Breathe Into The Shadows'] who most recently helped me perfect my debut 'Still On My Mind', was kind enough to work his magic on this track as well. I then asked Delraaz to sing with me. After she worked so incredibly hard on the Sanskrit of the series finale, I don't think there's anyone in the world that could have sung these verses from the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita better. Her pronunciation is really quite amazing - definitely better than my own!" He concedes.

Explaining the significance of the Shlokas he used in the song Alexx admits "I am not a scholar, nor will I pretend to be, but I can tell you what I have absorbed from these verses. In short: "Fight! Even in the face of defeat, Fight! Losing is not a sin, but giving-up is... So Fight!" He adds "To me, though these words were written at least 1,800 years ago there's no more relevant message for our world today: Fight Covid, Fight Climate Change, Fight Racism, Fight Oppression! No matter how difficult the struggle may be, keep fighting!"

According to Alexx, ‘A Bhagwad Gita Song’ is a tribute to the ‘Aarya’ team - the first project to feature him in the role of a musician, and the reason he encountered and studied The Bhagwad Gita in the first place; but it is also a 'Thank You' to India. "India has always been good to me, and putting together this amazing team, doing my best to sing in this ancient language, and making these important messages accessible to an audience that may not be familiar with them is just one way I thought I might express my gratitude." He concluded.

Interestingly, the credits reveal that the song and music video are the results of a women-centric team whose members represent Christian, Parsi, Muslim and Hindu faiths, a group of artists that is indeed as diverse as the country itself!


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