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Ganesha is the God of Wealth, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Prosperity. This festival is celebrated with great joy and love all over the world. Red Cherry Entertainment has been celebrating the festival for the last 7 years on a very grand scale. They have been executing the biggest visarjan procession in Maharashtra, where they have always encouraged the Indian culture and folk forms by inviting Adivasis and artists from rural areas across Bharat.

After the visarjan they engage in activities like beach cleaning, feeding the stray animals, donating clothes to the needy, food distribution, etc., with the money they collect during the festival, they use for tree plantation.

Every year they come up with a new noble concept, from last year it is ‘Bappa ka Maan, Aapka Samman’. The campaign has been supported by lots of TV and Bollywood Celebrities such as Munmun Dutta, Jay Bhanushali, Jay Soni, Rakesh Bedi, Makarand Deshpande, Ananth Mahadevan, Sandip Soparrkar, and Corporate Houses. The main motto of the campaign is honoring and appreciating every individual who does social work for the benefit of society. It’s all about helping people in the smallest way possible, where even conveying a small Thank you can be very powerful.

Through this campaign ‘Mumbai Cha Sheth’ has been felicitating a prominent number of front-line workers like Police, Doctors, nurses, and others. The idea is not only limited to this festival, but they also actually plan to do this for the whole year. This year they are also appreciating our soldiers for their service to the nation. Red Cherry is also doing various activities for different orphanages. These children will also be visiting the Red Cherry office for “Mumbai Cha Sheth” darshan.

The ideator of this humanitarian concept is Mr. Keyur Sheth, who is a young entrepreneur and owner of ‘Red Cherry Entertainment. It is a leading Bharatiya Artist, Event & Theatre Management Company based in Mumbai’ Bharat. They have been offering services to this industry & people for more than 15 years.


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