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~ Watch the ace singer make some interesting revelation on Zee TV's musical chat show - Pro Music Countdown ~

With Bollywood and music being nothing short of religions in India, Zee TV brings viewers the best of both worlds with its blockbuster weekend primetime offering. The channel’s first-of-its-kind music countdown show called ‘Pro Music Countdown’ is hosted by one of India’s finest RJs, social media influencer and YouTube sensation - Siddharth Kannan.

The show presents superhit songs in a never-seen-before chat show format with the hottest Bollywood celebrities getting up close and personal about their career, romance and everything that’s brewing in B-town!

This weekend, Siddharth Kannan will be hosting none other than the high rated gabru himself, Guru Randhawa. All of us know that the king of quirk published his first song named ‘Sweet Girl’ on social media and it turned out to be a massive hit. However, his career took off only after bagging over 850 million views on songs like High Rated Gabru and Lahore. Since then, he has sung songs for several films, done multiple tours and even had a few International collaborations. However, his journey hasn't been as easy as it looks.

While speaking with Siddharth Kannan, Guru recalled his days of struggle. He shared, “The purpose of music is that it changes your life and everything that I have today is because of it. I have to say that music has touched me and changed my life for the better. But it hasn't been always that easy! Initially I was rejected by many people, but I redeemed myself with Lahore."

He further added, "Struggle is an essential part of my being and I’ve always been grateful for it. I have never really been dependent on Bollywood, in fact, my career started with independent tracks.

Though Bollywood gave me nation-wide exposure, independent music is still my forever favourite. It is my bread and butter and frankly speaking, money does not matter to me so much, I am an artist and I like it that way.”

Be it his quirky candour or his refreshing tunes, Guru Randhawa has proven that he is here to stay. With some impressive projects under his sleeves, the musician will surely continue to impress us.

Watch the music heartthrob talk about his life like never before on Pro Music Countdown on 5th April at 6 PM, only on Zee TV!


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