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~ World’s Largest Gathering of Royal Enfield Enthusiasts, November 22nd & 24th 2019 - Goa ~

~ Continues to promote zero ‘single-use-plastic’, initiated at Himalayan Odyssey this year ~

Royal Enfield’s annual motorcycling and music festival, Rider Mania 2019 is back with three action packed days of Music, Mates and Motorcycling on the sunny shores of Goa. Starting from 22nd to 24th November, Rider Mania will have riders from across the globe, getting a first-hand experience of the Royal Enfield way of life.

Rider Mania is the largest gathering of Royal Enfield enthusiasts in the world, and is a melting pot of Royal Enfield owners and enthusiasts immersing themselves in competitions, expert sessions, art and a series of symphonic concerts. This year’s Rider Mania is going to be yet another feather in Royal Enfield’s passionate endeavour at bringing together an amalgamation of experience and youthful vigour. Many enthusiasts plan their riding calendar around Rider Mania as it is the best place to meet old friends, make new ones, share stories and experiences and plan new adventures.

Continuing the journey towards sustainability that started during Himalayan Odyssey 2019, Rider Mania will strongly propagate a zero ‘single-use-plastic’ as well. Royal Enfield plans to eradicate the use of single-use plastic, generated through the purchase and use of water bottles at the festival this year. In addition to this, all the registered participants will be provided with a metal sipper at the time of registration and provision of refiling the bottles will be made at multiple points at the venue, thus negating the need to purchase plastic water bottles.

In essence, the three day festival has a plethora of events designed to bring together the 8000+ Royal Enfield owners expected at Rider Mania while making a significant impact towards building a sustainable environment at the festival.

- Some of the highlights at Rider Mania 2019 are:

- Motorcycling events and competitions- Trials, Slow Race, Arm Wrestling etc. - Dirt track racing - Custom motorcycles - Motorcycle gear stalls - Music and entertainment - Art @ Rider Mania - Garage Cafe Special Workshops

To sign up, click on the link below and stay tuned for more updates on Rider Mania 2019

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