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Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday appealed to countrymen for more and more use of Hindi to contribute to the promotion of the national language. In a video message released on the occasion of 'Hindi Diwas', he said that it was only due to Hindi that the perennial river of Bharatiya civilisation, culture, and values had been kept alive.

He emphasised the use of Hindi in official work rather than translation of documents.

The Minister said that Bharat was coming up as a resources-rich country under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hindi had played a big role in it.

"Speeches delivered in Hindi by Modi on international platforms had increased the stature of the national language on the world stage, which had inspired those who supported the language," Shah said.

He assured that under the new National Education Policy 2020, the government will ensure equal development of Hindi and vernacular languages.

The government is working towards strengthening the e-tools for Hindi, under the "Atmanirbhar Bharat" initiative.

He asserted that Hindi was never in competition with any regional language in Bharat, which should be clear to all the citizens.

Shah said that all Bharatiya should take a pledge to work for a self-reliant India through the use of Hindi, while keeping other vernacular languages on the same pedestal.


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