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~ Set aside all other work and enjoy these wholesome titles featuring everyday superheroes a.k.a Dads, only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium ~

With hectic schedules through the week, everyone looks forward to the weekend, especially when it’s the third Sunday of June i.e a day celebrating one of your first superheroes – fathers. This Father’s Day, Disney+ Hotstar Premium has you covered with a collection of entertainment-packed titles that feature dads in various different settings. Be it the humorous struggle of Tom from Cheaper By The Dozen or the heartfelt tale of Raya to reunite with her father Chief Benja, in Raya and the Last Dragon, we bring you the perfect Father’s Day celebration. Here are 5 handpicked titles on Disney+ Hotstar Premium that you can watch with your fathers this Father’s Day.

Raya and The Last Dragon

Being the lone warrior and the proud Guardian of the Dragon Gem, Raya succeeds her father, Chief Benja. Raya and the Last Dragon is a remarkable film of separation, anticipation and trust. Separated from her father as a kid after Chief Benja was turned to stone, Raya lost everything she had. Raya's sole aim is to find the last dragon to bring harmony amongst the people of Kamundra and have this last chance to unite with her father.


Gifted is an emotional-comedy drama of Frank, a single man raising his niece, Mary, who is gifted with exceptional intelligence. While Frank tries his level best to give Mary a normal life just like the kids of her age as his deceased sister desired, he legally fights his own mother for Mary's custody. A soothing simple watch of an uncle-niece bond that touches your heart.

Father Of The Bride

A humorously enjoyable classic, Father Of The Bride follows the story of a father who finds it difficult to let go of his daughter when she is about to get married. In denial that his daughter has grown up enough to have a man in her life doesn't sync well with George. Trying hard to be happy for his daughter, the film is a heartfelt tale of acceptance laden with humour.

Cheaper By The Dozen

Cheaper By The Dozen is another super fun title to enjoy with your family indoors. While his wife is away, Tom is taken on a rollercoaster of a journey by his 12 kids. As he tries to balance between handling the children, and coaching a football team, a comical chaos ensues.

Taken 3

If you and your dad enjoy high intensity action movies then Taken 3 is the perfect action packed entertainer to watch this weekend. A story of a trained sniper Bryan Mills who is accused of his wife’s murder, which he hasnt done. While he goes on to unfold the conspiracy to find the murder, he struggles to save his daughter, the only family he is left with.

Catch all these titles and much more this Father’s Day only on Disney+ Hotstar Premium


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